Coloring Book Mastery
September 17, 2020 9am Eastern on Warrior Plus

Earn up to $23 per customer

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NOTE: In the video I point out a problem with downloads.
Problem is fixed, ignore that piece in the video

Your list will love this!
 Proprietary software and training
 Cloud based, access anywhere
 Solid business model, passive profits
 No list, website, or special skills needed
 Works with both free and paid traffic
 Perfect for beginners

Training and software for the coloring book market!

This is a unique product with easy to follow video training, software, and a coloring page generator

The coloring book market is hot!

People love coloring books, and a great thing about them is - they are for any age and any niche!

The timing for this is perfect for the busy 4th quarter!

The Power Of Software
Layered Patterns Generator:

Text and Fonts:
Layered Images / PNG Library:

Purchase Option:

Earn 50% commission

There is one FE sales page, no upsells. On the FE sales page are two options. One is $37 which has all features except for the coloring page generator. The other option is $47 and includes everything.

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Launch runs September 17, 2020 9am Eastern though September 21, 8pm Eastern

1. Teams of 2 allowed, but must inform us prior to the launch date.
2. You must NOT create or run "negative" video, PPC, iframe or other promotion types that use a phrase such as "Coloring Book Mastery scam."
3. Affiliates will be paid through the Warrior Plus Wallet.
4. You must NOT use the name Coloring Book Mastery to create a website, Facebook pages, or any other marketing methods that make it seem like you own the product name.
5. No cash incentives! You cannot entice people to buy though your affiliate link by offering them any type of cash reimbursement.
6. These terms can change at anytime without notice.
7. Quality traffic only! Anyone sending an abundance of clicks with no sales will be removed from promoting.

Selling points / angles
  • Coloring Books are one of the hottest markets on Amazon
  • Coloring Books are evergreen
  • 4th quarter sales really rock (get in now)
  • No cost to publish
  • Unique training and software not available anywhere else
  • Proven track of vendor product success.